Flowcharts and Text Descriptions

When trying to understand or explain a process creating text descriptions and flowcharts are quite helpful as they make you think in detail about a process and make you think sequentially.

Text Descriptions

Text descriptions allow you to list the steps for a process in as much detail as you need

e.g. How to make toast

  1. Connect the toaster into a power point and turn it on
  2. Set the the toaster to your desired setting
  3. Take 1 or 2 slices of bread and insert into each of the slots on the toaster
  4. Pull down the lever underneath the slots in which you inserted the toast
  5. Wait for the toast to pop out of the slots
  6. Check the toast to see if it is to your likings and either discard the toast, toast again or continue to the next step
  7. Take the toast out of the toaster and add desired toppings


Before making a flow chart it is best to write out a text description so that you have a reference of all necessary steps. A flow chart can help you communicate a process and it can also help you identify any issues or loops in your instructions.

How to make toast (2 slice toaster) 




My flowchart created for how to make toast