Instructional design

Lecture pod 4 explores instructional design and how this relates to and impacts interactive design. When using interactive design to instruct a user the interactive will be more effective if principles of instructional design are applied as this creates an easy experience for the user.

When designing instructions it is important to keep the instruction simplified and to not overload the user’s memory. Keeping instructions simplified is important as it allows for isolation of key elements and therefore does not confuse the user with unnecessary elements e.g. a photo of a step has a lot of information and is harder to interpret.  Another thing to keep in mind when designing instructions is to not overload the user’s memory e.g if legends are used or the user has to refer to a separate image they must remember multiple elements to gain a sense of understanding of the instruction. A way in which this memory overload can be avoided is simplifying and keeping relevant information together e.g. keep images close to the relevant text.


Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 10.41.04 pm

Instructional design I have created illustrating how to make origami balloons 


Most important idea from this pod

Creating instructional design through interactive media does have its limitations such as screen size and screen resolution but the way in which it offers layers and time interaction creates endless opportunities.


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