Design Patterns

Lecture pod 3 explores design patterns that are used throughout interactive content. A design pattern is a solution that designers can use in multiple situations to solve a design problem. Design solutions are useful to designers as they have been pre designed and they have previously been successful and therefore can offer the designer success in their own work. However there are some downfalls to using design patterns, it can lead to many websites and other digital media looking the same and therefore it can be harder for designs to stand out.

Pattern examples include:

  • Hamburger menus
  • Account registrations
  • Long scroll
  • Card layouts (most commonly associated with Pinterest)
  • Hero images
  • Animation
  • Material design
  • Responsive design
  • Flat design



Faisal, M. (n.d.). We Heart Trees [Example of flat design from We Heart Trees]. Retrieved May 7, 2017, from

Most important idea from this pod

Design patterns are good to take inspiration from as they have been proven successful however they are not a “one size fits all” it is important to make sure that the design pattern works well for the content and context you are designing for.


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